Influence of storage conditions on efficacy of selected veterinary antimicrobials dispensed under different storage conditions in Morogoro, Tanzania

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Efficacy of antimicrobials is of vital importance for patient safety and activity. The loss of potency may influence the efficacy and safety of antimicrobials. This study aimed to determine the influence of different storage conditions on the efficacy of selected antimicrobials. A significant statistical difference was observed across the efficacy data of selected antimicrobial brands. The data showed that the maximum reduction of efficacy was observed in light exposed antimicrobials compared to cool and properly store antimicrobials. These results authenticated that improper storage conditions resulted in failure to meet product characteristic and specification during shelf life. Optimum storage conditions and procedures ensure that the efficacy and integrity of medicinal products are maintained throughout their shelf life. This study emphasizes the importance of proper storage of antimicrobials from the time of their movement from manufacturing premises till reaches consumers.



Antimicrobials, Storage, Efficacy, potency