Socio-cultural factors influencing Maasai participation in income generating activities: women case of Arusha Chini and Maboghini wards, Moshi Rural

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study was conducted in Arusha chini and Maboghini wards to determine socio-cultural factors that influence Maasai women participation in income generating activities. Specific objectives of the study were: to identify income generating activities that Maasai women participate; to identify socio-cultural factors influencing Maasai women in income generating activities; to determine gender relations affecting Maasai women participation in income generating activities and to asses the extent of participation of Maasai women in income generating activities. The study comprised 69 women from the two wards who were involved in IGAs and 51 who were not engaged in it. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS software package. Study findings showed that major sources of income among respondents were non-farm activities, farming and salaries. Key activities undertaken were food vending and livestock keeping. The study found that socio-cultural factors influencing Maasai women participation in income generating activities in the study area include age, marital status, education background, household size and lack of decision making on income expenditure. Majority of the respondents involved in IGAs started business with an initial capital of less than 50 000 Tshs. Main sources of initial capital were own capital and family. Inadequate capital, unreliable markets, lack of entrepreneurship skills and family responsibilities were identified as major constraints to women’s IGAs. The study concluded that Maasai women involvement in IGAs contributes low to the wellbeing of most households in the study area. The study recommends the need to create enabling environment that ought to improve lending policy and entrepreneurship skills.



Socio-Cultural, Income Generating, Arusha Chini, Maboghini Wards,, Moshi Rural


Macha,E.G(2011)Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Maasai Participation In Income Generating Activities: Women Case Of Arusha Chini And Maboghini Wards, Moshi Rural .Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.