Nutritional health status of rural women practising agriculture in Babati District council

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This study was carried out to evaluate the nutritional health status of rural women engaged in agriculture in three villages in Babati District, Manyara Region in Tanzania. A cross section research design using structured questionnaire was employed to collect primary and secondary data of 180 respondents. The weight and height were measured using a digital weighing scale (SECA Vogel and Halke Hamburg Germany) and a locally made device equipped with height gauges respectively. BMI was calculated using the formula: BMI= [Weight/ Height2 (kg/m. Descriptive analysis of data was carried out using SPSS Windows Version 16.0. The results revealed that more than half (57.2%) of the respondents had normal body weight (BMI=18.5-24.9) of which 68.9% were males and 45.6% were females. Further, it was revealed that the average female measured the body height of 161 cm, body weight of 64.3 kg and BMI was 24.6 which is almost similar to the mean (23.5) BMI for males. The study also showed that women spent more time (five to seven hours) in the field. Moreover, the results revealed that majority (82.2%) of females respondents participated in all agricultural activities. However, statistical Chi-square test ( x 2 = 26 . 68 , df = 23 and p = 0 . 256 ) showed that there was no significant difference in BMI between male and female farmers. It was further revealed that the type of meal, frequency of meal, and food distribution within members in the household favoured respondents’ BMI. responsibilities increased women’s workload. However, household The study concludes that agricultural production is not negatively affecting women farmer’s BMI. The study also recommends that women must be empowered by enhancing their awareness, knowledge, skills and appropriate technology so that agriculture production increases at a faster pace. Also, linking production goals with nutrition-related targets is something that agricultural planners and researchers are to be called upon to do more often.



Nutritional Health, Women Practising, Agriculture, Babati District Council


Mwakassanga,B.J(2011)Nutritional Health Status Of Rural Women Practising Agriculture In Babati District Council. Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.