Tafori experience in solving forest deforestation and degradation challenges in Tanzania

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Tanzania Forest Fund (TAFORI)


Deforestation and forest degradation in Tanzania are the challenges noting deforestation rate of about 500,000 ha per year. Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI) has gained vast experiences in solving deforestation and forest degradation. Experiences gained are from enhancing natural regeneration of degraded forests and woodlands, introduction and screening and multiplication of Eucalyptus hybrid clones, artificial propagation of indigenous trees (medicinal, timber and fruit trees), including application of tissue culture technology, enhancing availability of planting materials through the establishment of seed orchards and gene conservation stands. In meeting charcoal demands and sustainable utilization of available trees resources, efficient charcoal-making kiln (Casamance) has been introduced and disseminated through outreach programme. Regeneration techniques for 10 dominant tree species in Miombo woodlands of Tabora and three tree species within the Eastern Arc Mountains have been developed. Over 500,000 ha of Ngitilis and 20 tree species have been restored in Mwanza and Shinyanga regions. Through Tree Biotechnology Programme, improved Eucalyptus hybrid clones have been introduced and adopted by stakeholders. Morever, the new focus towards application of tissue culture technology will widen the range of benefits including mass seedlings production. Several publications on research findings and dissemination materials in user-friendly languages have been made and distributed to stakeholders. More studies, identification of new technologies and innovations are required to meet the growing demands of wood.


Proceedings of the 1st TAFORI Scientific Conference on Forestry Research for Sustainable Industrial Economy in Tanzania (2018), pg. 44-53


Natural regeneration, Artificial propagation, Charcoal-making, Dissemination