Effectiveness of climate change mitigation interventions on crop productivity in Morogoro district, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Climate change mitigation interventions have been placed in many parts of the world including Tanzania aiming to mitigate extreme impacts of climate change. This study was conducted to determine effectiveness of climate change mitigation interventions on crop productivity in Morogoro District. Specifically, the study aimed at (i) identifying climate change mitigation interventions undertaken in the study area, (ii) assessing level of communities’ awareness on climate change mitigation interventions, (iii) examining challenges of implementation of the climate change mitigation interventions, and (iv) examining the impacts of the climate change mitigation interventions on crop productivity. Data were collected by interviewing farmers through questionnaire as a main tool, which comprised closed and open - ended questions. Descriptive and Inferential statistics were used to analyze objective one and three, whereby the results for objective number one show that farmers in the study area are cultivating and implementing climate change mitigation interventions. Inferential statistics was used to analyze objective number two whereby the findings shown that 95.8% of the farmers are aware about climate change mitigation interventions due to the training and seminars which were conducting by CARE International. In regard to objective number three study findings show that most of the farmers lacked agricultural education and poor hand hoes leading to difficulties in implementation of interventions. A multiple linear regression was used to analyse objective number four. Results from the analysis shows that interventions such as zero tillage, crop rotation, agroforestry, improved seed, and forest conservation significantly contribute in crop productivity at ρ≤0.01, ρ≤0.05 and ρ≤0.1. The study concludes that, climate change mitigation interventions are important on crop productivity due to presence of adverse impacts of climate change in the study area. Although, these interventions need agricultural education and financial support from either government or any other development partners.


Masters Thesis


Climate change mitigation, Mitigation interventions, Climate change, Crop productivity, Morogoro, Tanzania