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    Bandwidth prediction schemes for defining bitrate levels in SDN-enabled adaptive streaming
    (PEARL, 2019) Al-Issa, Ali Edan; Bentaleb, Abdelhak; Barakabitze, Alcardo Alex; Zinner, Thomas; Ghita, Bogdan
    The majority of Internet video traffic today is delivered via HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS). Recent studies concluded that pure client-driven HAS adaptation is likely to be sub-optimal, given clients adjust quality based on local feedback. In [1], we introduced a network-assisted streaming architecture (BBGDASH) that provides bounded bitrate guidance for a video client while preserving quality control and adaptation at the client. Although BBGDASH is an efficient approach for video delivery, deploying it in a wireless network environment could result in sub-optimal decisions due to the high fluctuations. To this end, we propose in this paper an intelligent streaming archi­ tecture (denoted BBGDASH +), which leverages the power of time series forecasting to allow for an accurate and scalable network- based guidance. Further, we conduct an initial investigation of parameter settings for the forecasting algorithms in a wireless testbed. Overall, the experimental results indicate the potential of the proposed approach to improve video delivery in wireless network conditions.