Resource management system usage and how it facilitates library services and collaborations: a case of libhub use at SUA

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Swaziland library association


This paper in general shares the experience, benefits and challenges learnt through the use of RMS at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). Through the initiative and support from iAGRI (Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative), the Sokoine National Agricultural Library (SNAL) has managed to subscribe to Libhub/Kiox to manage e-resources at the university. The introduction and use of Libhub/Kiox as an information gateway helps researchers, students, staff and others in accessing e-resources from SNAL more easily and effectively. This software opened a window of success in information dissemination and use to both information professionals and users at SUA. These include issues of cooperative collection development, dissemination, partnership and collaborations, financial, technical skill and information literacy programme. Since its introduction in the mid 2014, the use of e-resources has been simplified, statistics has been available, and tracking of use of e-resources has been possible. SNAL has been also facing some challenges including electricity shortfalls; internet problems; lack of enough funds especially for marketing and publicity; and reluctance of students and staff to attend information literacy programme. The paper recommends that academic libraries should subscribe to RMS for their institutions to increase the usage of e-resources; the process which can be also done jointly as it is done on the subscription of e-resources.



E-resources, Information Literacy, Partnership, Libhub, Resource Management Systems