Effect of Watering Regimes on Yield and Agronomic Traits of Exotic Groundnut Genotypes in Tanzania

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Journal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology


Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) production in rain fed regions of Africa is mostly affected by intermittent drought of different duration and intensity. Improvement of groundnuts for drought tolerance could increase production in drought prone areas. Therefore, this study aimed at (i) determining the effect of Watering regimes on yield and agronomic traits of exotic Groundnut genotypes and (ii) identifying drought tolerant genotypes as source material for breeding and drought tolerant varieties. Thirty groundnut genotypes were evaluated for drought tolerance under well watered and water stress conditions in the screen house at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania. A split plot design with four replications was used whereby the watering regimes were the main plots with varieties planted as subplots Data were recorded on plant height, number of pod/plant and pod yield/plant. Results showed that drought significantly reduced pod yield, number of pods/plant and plant height. Eleven genotypes namely; ICG 2106, ICR 48, ICGS 44, ICG 3053, ICG 11088, ICGV-SM 87003, ICG 12235, ICG 13723, ICGV 02271, ICGV 97182 and ICGV 91114 gave better pod yield and number of pods/plants in water stress conditions and are recommended for use in breeding program as drought tolerant varieties and sources for breeding materials.


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Pod yield, Watering regimes, Groundnut genotypes, Drought, Number of pods