The awareness and use of electronic information sources among livestock researchers in Tanzania

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This paper is the result of a study that was conducted to investigate the accessibility and use of electronic information resources by the livestock researchers in Tanzania. One of the main objectives of the study was to assess the information literacy skills of livestock researchers. The study was conducted in three livestock research institutes in Tanzania with an overall sample size of fifty respondents consisting of livestock researchers and information professionals. Detailed questionnaires, interviews and observations were the methods used for data collection while data was analysed by Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and content analysis. One of the findings of the study was the lack of information literacy skills among most of the researchers and this was found to be limiting their access and use of e-resources. This paper discusses the level of information literacy that livestock researchers possess and its impact on these researchers’ awareness and use of e-resources.


Journal of Information Literacy 2010, vol. 4(2)


Information Literacy, Livestock researchers, E-resources, Information and Communication, Livestock information, Developing countries