Integrating the concepts of meteorology and environmental education concepts in the certificate of secondary education geography syllabus: Tanzanian context

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This article analyses the experts and teachers views to determine the adequacy and relevancy of the concepts of meteorology and environmental education (EE) in raising awareness of secondary school students’ on management of environmental problems and conservation. The study involved collection of the interview responses from the experts of environment, meteorology, forest and secondary school geography teachers that were used to analyze the content of the syllabus. It was found out that the concepts of climate change, meteorology and environmental education; are included in the syllabus but not comprehensively because they are not linked to one another and with the concepts dealing with human activities. Therefore establishing such a link is a means for raising students’ awareness on management of the environmental problems. It is recommended that some concepts of meteorology and environmental education found in the geography syllabus should be integrated with subjects such as chemistry, biology and civics.


International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research 2015, Vol. (4) :pp410-417


Environmental education, Meteorology, Geography syllabus, Climate change