Effect of water management systems with different nutrient combinations on performance of rice on soils of Mvumi, Kilosa District, Tanzania

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A study was conducted on soils of Mvumi Village, Kilosa District, Tanzania to investigate the effect of water and nutrients on performance of rice so as to provide a gateway for improving rice production by manipulating water and nutrients. Pot experiment was laid in a split plot design with water management systems (SRI= Alternate wetting and drying, FLD= Continuous flooding) as main factor and nutrient combinations (N0P0K0S0, N400P0K0S0, N400P80K0S0, N400P80K50S0, N400P80K50S40) as sub-factor. N400P80K50S40 had significantly (p<0.05) higher number of tillers plant-1 (12.44), plant height (98.86 cm), grain yield (26.26 g plant-1) and biomass yield (23.57 g plant-1) as well as total P (0.27%), K (1.07%) and S (0.15%) concentrations in shoot than other treatments. On the other hand, the highest number of tillers plant-1 (11 tillers plant-1), grain yield (20.74 g plant-1), biomass yield (17.37 g plant-1) and S (0.13%) concentration in shoot were recorded in SRI while the highest plant height (95.47 cm), N (2.02%), P (0.24%) and K (0.89%) concentrations in shoot were recorded in FLD. The results of interaction of nutrients and water showed that, grain yield increased significantly (p<0.05) from 4.71 g plant-1 to 27.37 g plant-1 in FLD + N0P0K0S0 and SRI + N400P80K50S40, respectively.


Int. J. Curr. Res. Biosci. Plant Biol. 4(2), 34-44 (2017) Effect of Water Management Systems with Different Nutrient Combinations on Performance of Rice on Soils of Mvumi, Kilosa District, Tanzania 34 International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology


Flooding, Nutrient combinations, System- Rice, Intensification (SRI), Water management