Potentials and constraints of Kilombero valley among agro pastoralists community

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Environment degradation, loss of grazing lands, high grazing intensities and drought in northern regions of Tanzania, led to massive migration of pastoralists and livestock to more resourced areas in the south. This has brought different ethnic groups into same ecological ranges there by increasing environmental degradation and resource use conflict. Kilombero valley is one area which received many pastoralists now days with highest conflict incidents reported. The objectives of this study were, (a) to identify major land uses in the valley (b) to evaluate selected land utilization types (c) to identify areas of land use conflicts and (d) to recommend remedial measures. Land unit map was established through visual aerial photo interpretation, three main physiographic units were distinguished: the Hilly, the Piedmont and the alluvial plain. PRA and questionnaire were used to collect socio-economic data and SPSS programme was used for analysis. Soil survey carried out and soil samples were analysed for physical and chemical properties important to the requirements of the selected land utilization types. The results revealed that, land uses in the valley include farming, grazing, bee keeping, wild life utilization, fishing and forest utilization. The absence of irrigation schemes, limited use of new agricultural technology, poor agricultural infrastructure and extension services are among the major constraints to farming. On livestock, overstocking and poor technical services are among the major problems. As for land evaluation, it was noted that the alluvial plain which potential for paddy cultivation, is in stiff competition with livestock grazing due to availability of pasture and water. Conflicts between farmers and pastoralists are rooted on crop damage by livestock and land disputes among others. Absence of exiting land use plan has worsened the situation. In conclusion, both pastoralists and farmers are engaged in farming and zoning for different land use types was recommended.iii



Environment degradation, Grazing lands, Massive migration, Pastoralists community, Kilombero valley


Luwanda P.L(2008).Potentials and constraints of Kilombero valley among agro pastoralists community . Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.