Factors limiting livestock based entrepreneurships in Tanzania: a case of livestock training agency (LITA) graduates

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study was conducted to investigate the factors limiting entrepreneurship among livestock professionals. It draws empirical data and evidences from Livestock Training Agency (LITA) graduates in order to identify factors limiting them in establishing livestock based enterprises. The sample comprised of 122 LITA graduates obtained through snowball sampling technique and six (6) key informants including owners of viable livestock-based enterprises, LITA campuses, Farm Managers, and District Officers in Local Government Authority. Data were collected using a questionnaire and key informant interview checklists. Chi-square test and independent sample (t-test) were used to test the characteristics of respondents in relation to engagement in livestock enterprises. Descriptive analysis was conducted to examine perceptions, to assess attitudes of LITA graduates, and to analyze challenges and constraints encountered in running livestock based enterprises. Multiple logistic regression analysis was carried out to enable inference making on the relationships between entrepreneurship in livestock sector and other factors. The study found that attitudes such as individual fear for failure and unwillingness to take risks limit entrepreneurship in livestock sector to a greater extent, followed by lack of confidence in entrepreneurships and inability to capitalize available business opportunities in livestock sector. It was further discovered that perceptional factors limit entrepreneurship in livestock sector to a moderate extent. Dedicated initiatives are required in counteracting the major impeders in order to promote entrepreneurship in livestock based enterprises. However, providing support such as credit loan will help LITA graduates in starting as well as expanding viable livestock businesses. It is therefore important for the government and other stakeholders to ensure that LITA graduates are provided with adequate support to deal the identified factors that potentially limit entrepreneurship in livestock based enterprises.




Livestock professionals, Entrepreneurships, Tanzania, Livestock training agency (LITA)