Teachers’ pedagogical competence in dealing with Teaching aids in Tanzania: a case of a few finalist Pre-service Science-teachers

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The value of teaching aids in the process of teaching sciences cannot be overstated. The capacity of finalist university pre-service science teachers to incorporate teaching aids into their science classrooms to open up the potential of bringing about the critical features of an intended object into realisation is evaluated in this study. Observations and document reviews were used as data collecting techniques in this descriptive study, and they were used to investigate only 25 student- teachers during their final teaching practice placement. Evidence suggested that the study participants’ ability to select or design teaching aids was low as most of the materials they employed had didactic, structural, and technical concerns. Importantly, the study participants demonstrated significant difficulties in unpacking instructional materials during the science lessons. The study recommended various measures for policy and practice regarding both science teacher- education and science teaching process.


Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies 24(3): 1-10, 2021


Tanzania, Science pedagogy, Teaching aids, Student-teachers