Wireless network virtualization with SDN and C-RAN for 5G networks: requirements, opportunities, and challenges


Wireless network virtualization (WNV) has drawn attention from the researchers ranging from academia to industry as one of the signi cant technologies in the cellular network communication. It is considered as a pioneer to achieve effective resource utilization with decreased operating expenses and capital expenses by decoupling the networks functionalities of coexisting virtual networks. It facilitates fast deployment of new services and novel technologies.WNVparadigm is in the early stages, and there is a large room for the research community to develop new architectures, systems, and applications. The availability of software-de ned networking (SDN) and cloud/centralized radio access network (C-RAN) steers up the hope for the WNV realization. This paper surveys WNV along with the recent developments in SDN and C-RAN technologies. Based on these technologies and WNV concepts, we identify the requirements and opportunities of future cellular networks. We then propose a general architectural framework for the WNV based on SDN. In-depth discussion of challenges and research issues as well as promising approaches for future networks communication improvements are also proposed. Finally, we give several promising candidates of future network services for residential customers and business customers.


Journal article


5G Networks, C-RAN, Infrastructure provider, SDN, Virtual networks, Wireless network virtualization