Status of post harvesting regeneration of miombo woodlands in Kilosa, Tanzania

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This study presents findings of post harvesting regeneration status of miombo woodlands of Kilosa,Tanzania specifically where sustainable charcoal project is implemented. The overall objective of the study was to undertake an assessment on the regeneration status of Miombo woodlands in harvested plots and kiln scars. A total of 67 circular plots with 15 m radius established in 2015 were identified for the purpose of making a follow-up study on regeneration. Forty four new circular plots with 5 m radius for the study of regeneration in kiln scars and 10 circular plots with 5 m radius for assessing effects of fire on soil physical and chemical properties were demarcated. It was observed that 87% of all stumps were regenerating through coppices, root suckers or both. About 42% stumps were found to develop coppices with an average of two (2) individuals per stump and with overall mean height of 254 ± 8.3 cm. Twenty three (23%) of the stumps were observed to have regenerated through root suckering with average of two (2) individual suckers per stump with an overall mean height of 252±7.9 cm.Twenty two (22%) stumps were observed to regenerate through both coppices and root suckers with an average of two individual coppices/suckers per stumps with an overall mean height of 251±6.3 cm. Only Thirteen (13%) stumps were not regenerating. Regeneration via seedlings were found to be lower if compared with sprouts. Student T tests and ANOVA were used to compare regeneration mechanisms, regeneration in kilns and effects of fire frequency and grazing intensity on regeneration (Tables in appendices). Signs of regeneration in kiln scars was noted as seedlings of B.boehemii and B.spiciformis were observed. Fire has effects on soil physical and chemical properties. It is concluded that regeneration has improved with reference to previously study; fire and grazing has direct beneficial and deleterious effects on tree regeneration. It is recommended that further monitoring in harvested plots is necessary.



Post harvesting, Miombo woodland, woodlands in Kilosa, post harvesting regeneration, Miombo regeneration