Effect of harvest methods on yield and quality of Marketable flowers of greenhouse rose cultivars of different growth habits

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This study was carried out to determine the effects of harvest methods (proximal and median harvests) on yield and quality of marketable flowers of greenhouse hybrid tea rose (Rosa hybrida L.) cultivars of different growth habits. The cultivar Grant Galla represented cultivars of vigorous growth habit whereas 'Vivaldi' respresented those non-vigorous growth habit. The proximal harvest method significantly reduced the number of marketable flower stems of non-vigorous cultivars but did not significantly affect the number of flower stems of vigorous cultivars. The proximal harvest method also improved flower quality in terms of grades, lenghts and weights of individual flower stems of both vigorous and non-vigorous cultivars. According to market studies, the proximal harvest method would increase revenue from vigorous cultivars and decrease revenue from non-vigorous ones. The median harvest method should be applied to non vigorous Rose cultivars.


Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences 2001, Vol.4(1) : 9-14


Greenhouse rose, Harvest methods, Growth-habits, Guality of flowers