Microneutralization tests for serological typing and subtyping of foot-and-mouth disease virus strains


A microneutralization test for serotyping of FMD viruses is described. It is based on earlier observations by Booth, Rweyemamu & Pay (1978) that dose-response relationships in quantal microneutralizations often deviated from linearity. The typing test described therefore utilizes undiluted virus preparations. In about 90 % of samples a positive typing was obtained in contrast with about 50 % for the complement fixation test. The test was also found to be susceptible to minimal quantities of heterotypic viral contamination. For strain differentiation the microneutralization test was carried out as a checkerboard test. When compared with the complement fixation test it was found to be more specific. The necessity to utilize virus-neutralization test systems for comparing FMD virus strains particularly for the purpose of vaccine selection is emphasized. The two dimensional microneutralization test has been applied to a study of comparing FMDV vaccine strains for Europe, South America, the Middle East and East Africa.



Microneutralization, Serological typing, Mouth disease virus, Subtyping