Hypertrophic osteopathy secondary to oesophageal foreign body in a dog - a case report


Hypertrophic osteopathy is a pathological disease process that occurs secondary to intra thoracic lesions that are either pulmonary or non pulmonary in origin. A 6-year-old female German shepherd cross was presented with complaints of losing body condition, anorexia, lameness, and swollen limbs. Clinical examination revealed swelling of all four limbs which were hard and painless on palpation. Radiographic examination of the limbs and the thoracic cavity revealed, irregular periosteal new bone formation along the shafts of most of the long bones and an oval-shaped 6 cm diameter radio dense caudal mediastinal mass. At post-mortem examination, an oesophageal diverticulum was found, filled with foul smelling creamy exudates and a bone foreign body firmly adherent to the wall. Hypertrophic osteopathy secondary to oesophageal foreign body was diagnosed based on history, clinical examination, radiography, post-mortem picture and histopathology.


Veterinarski arhiv, 2007; 77 (5): 463-467


hypertrophic osteopathy, oesophagus, bony, foreign body, dog