Secondary school students knowledge level of the concepts of meteorology and environmental education between rural and urban Morogoro in Tanzania

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The study established if there is any significant difference in students‟ understanding levels on meteorology and environmental education concepts between rural and urban areas. A survey method was used to collect information from a sample of 480 form four students who were randomly selected from 12 schools in both rural and urban Morogoro. It was observed that urban students were significantly more knowledgeable of the basic concepts of environmental education and climate change than rural students. However, there was no significant difference in students‟ understanding between rural and urban students on some concepts of climate change and the role of man on the environment. Therefore educational stake holders need to ensure that both rural and urban environmental aspects are clearly understood by all students from the two localities for sustainable utilization of the environmental resources.


Global Journal of Advanced Research 2016, Vol-3(3): pp 207-221


Climate change, Meteorology, Environmental education, Rural, Urban