Development of a computer-based decision support tool for selection of optimum tractor-plough system for upland farming in Tanzania:

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


This thesis is the result of a study carried out in Mvomcro District in Morogoro region, Tanzania. The success of this work was made possible by moral and material support of different persons and institutions. First, and foremost, I thank the almighty God for providing me with the courage, strength, guidance, patience and passion throughout my study period, for I understand without him I could not have been able to accomplish this study. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Management of the National Institute of Transport (NIT) for enabling and financing my studies in the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Land Planning of Sokoine University of Agriculture. Special thanks are directed to the then top management members: Dr. A. M. Rashid (Principal), Mr. E. Mgonja (Deputy Principal-Academics, Research and Consultancy) and Mr. E Msonge (Deputy Principal- Finance and Administration), for their moral and financial support. Special thanks are directed to my Supervisors Prof. Z. M. Mganilwa, Prof. S. M. Mpanduji and Prof. D. N. Kimaro, for their tireless guidance, wise advice and constructive criticism. Without them my academic dreams and aspirations would have not become a reality. I am indebted to Prof. A. K. P. R. Tarimo for his guidance and moral support during my study. I am extending my sincere thanks to all academic members of staff of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Land Planning, for their material and moral support, advice and for creating a harmonious environment during my stay at the University. I am also extending my sincere thanks to the Centre for Agriculturalvii Mechanization and Rural Technology (CAMARTEC) for providing test equipment and support staff. 1 am also grateful to the farmers (respondents), extension engineer Mr. Felix Temu and other Mvomero District Council staff including District Agricultural and Livestock Development Officer (DALDO) and extension officers for their support during data collection. I am also extending my sincere thanks to Mr. Issaya M. Mwansasu (National Institute of Transport) and King George Magaga (INFOSYS LTD) for their support during computer programming work. I express my sincere appreciation to my lovely wife Juster Kemilembe Mwasandube and my children Lisa, Merina and Richard for their moral and material support, patience and encouragement which in one way or another made my study successful. Also, I am very grateful to my brothers: Mr. Alley C. Mwakibolwa, P. Mwasandube, Asukenye Mwasandube, my son in-law Daudi Mbugulu, my in-laws T. Kalinjuna and G. A. Kalinjuna for their moral support and encouragement. It is not easy to mention all who contributed in one way or another in making this work done but I say to you all thank you very much. Let the Almighty God grant you all with his glory, peace and blessings.



Agricultural mechanization, Soil physical properties, Tractor-plough system, Soil characterization, Mvomero District