Coenurosis in slab-slaughtered sheep and goats in Ngorongoro district: prevalence and predisposing factors of the disease

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Taenia multiceps is a worldwide in distribution which inhabits the small intestine of dogs, foxes, coyotes and jackals. However, until recently, there were no reports of the occurrence of Taenia multiceps associated ill health in Tanzania in livestock. In this study, the prevalence of Taenia multiceps metacestode (Coenurus cerebralis) as well as other Taenia and Echinococcus metacestodes particularly Cysticercus tenuicollis and hydatid cysts in slab-slaughtered sheep and goats, community knowledge and predisposing factors of coenurosis in Ngorongoro district were determined. The study reports for the first time the occurrence on the one hand and the prevalence on the other hand of coenurosis in slaughtered sheep and goats due to Taenia multiceps metacestode (Coenurus cerebralis) in Ngorongoro district. Of 180 examined carcasses of sheep and goats, 80 (44.4%), 93 (51.7%) and 35 (19.4%) were found to be infected with C. cerebralis, C. tenuicollis and Hydatid cysts respectively whereas some had concurrent infections. Widespread dog keeping for herding purposes, large dog population, close contact between small ruminants (sheep and goats) and dogs, lack of knowledge in the community on how coenurosis occurs, free access of dogs to carcases/offal including brains of small ruminants sometimes containing viable C. cerebralis cysts and inadequate animal health services for dogs especially worm control are major factors which contribute to persisting coenurosis. Thus, knowledge of epidemiology of the disease is critical for the effective disease management and control (health protection and disease prevention). To address these, the development of a control strategy (programme) is required. Therefore, much remains to be done in research to pave the way for coenurosis control and the findings of this study can be used to guide future research programmes.



Coenurosis, Slab-slaughtered sheep, Slab-slaughtered goats, Animal diseases, Taenia multiceps, Ngorongoro district