Factors influencing the adoption and use of ICT by small and medium sized enterprises in Tanzania: a case study of Kilosa district

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The major developments in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have transformed the world more than any other technological invention. ICTs and fisherfolk cannot be seemingly related, but not anymore these days. Fisheries have been playing significant roles in the social and economic development of the country. On the other hand, ICTs can help fisherfolk a lot. The broad objective of the study is to assess the extent of use of ICTs by fisherfolk in the Kutubdia Island. In this study, researchers have used descriptive survey methods to collect primary information. Besides, data from secondary sources have also been used. To carry out this research, 60 respondents have been selected from Kutubdia Island of Bangladesh. The socioeconomic condition of these fisherfolk is not so good. However, all of the fisherfolk use mobile phone, radio and radar while they are out in the sea. They also use other ICT tools like computer, television, Internet, newspaper, sonar, wireless and GPS. They use these tools to know, search, distribute and share information and weather updates; track fish swarm, increase income, save time and assist shipping. A minor section of the fisherfolk do not use ICTs because they still depend on the traditional ways of catching fish. The study has found out that these fisherfolk face many problems in gaining access to ICTs which include lack of uninterrupted power supply, insufficient finance, lack of enabling government policies and lack of training on ICTs.



Kilosa, ICT, smallholder farmers, fisheries industry, fisherfolk