Marine farming and tourism

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Acquaculture New Zealand


The Marine Farming Association of New Zealand developed and published a tourist trail brochure in 2005 with the purpose of upholding the positive image of aquaculture among residents and tourists on the Top of the South Island. Another objective was to strengthen the collaboration between tourism and fisheries stakeholders in promoting the region as a seafood destination. In 2009, the NZTRI research team interviewed a total of 24 local businesses in the region. This article presents the results from the interviews and a short written survey. The research team independently analyzed and transcribed audio-recordings to identify major emergent themes that explore the relationships between tourism and marine farming linked to the Top of the South Aquaculture and Seafood Trail. Results show that businesses recognized that promoting locally caught seafood increased the competitiveness of New Zealand seafood and tourism products. They also recognized that cooperation was important to building shared knowledge and community level acceptance of marine farms and tourism in the coastal zone.