The contribution of HIV/AIDS on family dissolution in Makete district, Tanzania .

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Sokoine university of agriculture


The impact of HIV/AIDS on family dissolution is one of the most serious problems facing the world at this era of HIV/AIDS. The traditional African family is collapsing very rapidly due to HIV/AIDS pandemic. Implications of having HIV/AIDS in the family have been documented in many parts of the world. They range from increased medical costs and expenditures on funerals to withdrawal of family members from work or school to look after those who are ill. Also these problems lead to burdens to the family in terms of human pain, suffering, health care expenditures, school requirements, child- headed households and increased families headed by single parents. Although efforts have been taken by the government and other partners to address these issues, the problems are still rapidly increasing throughout the country and Makete in particular. If challenges that face families are not examined, there is a danger of destroying a large and growing segment of our young population. The overall objective of this study was to determine the impact of HIV/AIDS on family dissolution. The study adopted a cross sectional design by using open and closed ended questionnaires applied to a sample size of 135 respondents. Interviews with key informants, individual in-depth and focus group discussions (FGD) were also used during the study. The analysis of collected data was done using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and the Statistical Analysis System (SAS). A Logit regression model was used to estimate the influence of socio-cultural, socio- economic and other external factors on respondents’ family dissolution. Family dissolution was high (42.6%) among households controlled by widows/widowers. The conclusion is that, family dissolution in Makete is not much affected by migration but is much affected by death of household members and economic hardship of the area. To ease this situation, it is recommended that, among other things, new infections of HIV/AIDS should beiii reduced in order to limit the number of widows and orphan headed households and to improve economic well being of the people.



Impact of HIV/AIDS on family dissolution


Sanga ,U.A(2007).The contribution of HIV/AIDS on family dissolution in Makete district, Tanzania .Morogoro;Sokoine university of agriculture .