Abundance, distribution and conservation threats of African wild dog (lycaon pictus) in the Loliondo game controlled area, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


Assessment of abundance, distribution and conservation threats to African wild dogs was conducted in Loliondo Game Controlled Area (LGCA), northern Tanzania. Specifically, the study focused on determining population size and structure, spatial distribution, attitudes of local people towards wild dogs and wild dog conservation and threats impacting the species. Semi-structured interviews, diurnal random searches, internal and external examinations of wild dogs carcasses examined and night transect surveys were employed. Eight packs with a total of 132 recognised individuals at an average pack size of 16.50 ± SD 7.50 individuals were recorded. Pack sizes 3 individuals were reported to be sighted mostly and of all respondents (n = 210), only 26% were able to recognise wild dog sexes. The density of both known and unknown wild dogs was 0.19 animals/km 2 , higher compared to other carnivores. In terms of distribution most of the packs were concentrated in the northern part as compared to the central and southern parts of LGCA. The species was observed to occur most in woodland type of vegetation. Interestingly, 55.30% of respondents showed a positive attitude towards wild dogs and wild dog conservation despite that 52.90% of respondents dismissed lack of any conservation action or strategy in place towards conserving the species. However, poisoning and Canine Distemper Virus were identified as the main threats. Therefore, conserving African wild dogs in LGCA requires mult-approach conservation efforts (i.e. awareness rising to community, fitting radio telemetry to the dogs and threats management interventions) due to nature of the species.



Conservation Threats, African Wild Dog, Tanzania


Masenga,E.H(2011)Abundance, Distribution And Conservation Threats Of African Wild Dog (Lycaon Pictus) In The Loliondo Game Controlled Area, Tanzania .Morogoro;Sokoine University of Agriculture.