Caching and data routing in Information Centric Networking (ICN): the future internet perspective

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International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering


Information Centric Networking (ICN) is becoming an important direction of the future internet architecture research. Different ICN architectures like PSIRP, NetInf, PURSUIT, CCN, DONA, and NDN have been proposed with the aim of moving from the current host-to-host communication model to a content-centric communication model. Caching and data routing are among the most significant properties of ICN features which improves network efficiency and content distribution performance by satisfying user requests with cached content. New characteristics of ICN caching include the Internet to be transparent to applications, ubiquitous in-network caching (caching contents in routers in a granularity based-level different from the current Internet architecture which cache contents in file-level. This paper describes in-depth, the concepts of caching and data routing in ICN by providing a comprehensive survey of a number of cache decision and data routing policies in ICN. The paper provides also the caching and data routing mechanisms in the Named Data Networking (NDN) which is the promising ICN design for the future Internet architecture. In general, by modelling the in-network caching and data routing which will be based on more efficient cache decision and routing schemes, it will have more practical significance in ICN designs for the future Internet architecture.


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ICN, Data routing, Internet, Cache decision policies, In-network caching