Non true seed production practices and certification requirements: a review

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International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology


An effective seed system for non-true seed crops in developing countries are essential in safeguarding supply of planting material to local farmers. Continuing disregard of the distinct biological characteristics of non true seed crop by regulatory body, limit farmers to access high-quality planting material thus increasing the risk of pest and disease transmission. This paper is designed to presents methodologies used in certification procedures of non-true seed crops and the smart mango grafting practices that implies development of quality and certifiable planting materials. The main contribution of this study is to showcase the smart grafting practices that would help the regulatory bodies in the country to establish and enforce the certification standard of non-true seed crops specifically Mango, to guarantee the availability of quality planting material to farmers as well as making a fully control of non-true seed business just like the true seed crop business is.


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Grafting, Non-true seed, Certification standard, Planting materials, Propagules