Endoparasites of Vietnamese lizards recorded in the last 50 years (1966−2015)


At present, there is a limited knowledge of amphibian and reptile parasites in Vietnam. To date, 45 species of endoparasite in Vietnamese lizards have been recorded. These species consist of 11 cestode, 12 trematode, 18 nematode, one acanthocephalan and three pentastomid species from 10 host species. As Vietnam is one of the global hot spots for herpetofauna diversity (a recent report documented 385 reptiles and 181 amphibians in the country), it appears that only a fraction of the parasites of lizards in this richly biodiverse territory has been recorded. To facilitate the accurate taxonomical identification of parasites and clarify the taxonomic relationship of parasites from Vietnamese lizards with those from Oriental lizards or lizards of other geographical regions, parasites should be characterized both morphologically and phylogenetically.


Journal Article


Vietnam, Lizard, Parasite, Helminth, Pentastomid, Record