Research data management and services: Resources for different data practitioners

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IASSIST Quarterly


The emergence of data-driven research and demands for Research Data Management (RDM) has created interest in global academic institutions and research organisations. Some of the libraries, especially in developed countries, have started offering RDM services to their communities. Although lagging, some academic libraries in developing countries are planning or implementing the service. However, the level of RDM awareness is deficient among researchers, librarians and other data practitioners. This paper aims to present available open resources for different data practitioners, particularly researchers and librarians. It includes training resources for researchers and librarians, Data Management Plan (DMP) tool for researchers, a data repository available for researchers to freely archive and share their research data to the local and international communities. A case study with a survey was conducted at the University of Dodoma to identify relevant RDM services so that librarians could assist researchers in making their data accessible to the local and international community. The study findings revealed a low level of RDM awareness among researchers and librarians. Over 50% of the respondent indicated their perceived knowledge as poor in the following RDM knowledge areas; DMP, data repository, long term digital preservation, funders RDM mandates, metadata standards describing data and general awareness of RDM. Therefore, this paper presents available open resources for different data practitioners to improve RDM knowledge and boost the confidence of academic and research libraries in establishing the service.



Research data management, Open data, Data management plan, Data training, Data repositories


Mushi, Gilbert Exaud (2021), Research data management and services: Resources for different data practitioners, IASSIST Quarterly 45(3-4), pp. 1-8. DOI: