Identification of vectors of rice yellow mottle virus in Tanzania

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countries in East Africa and almost all the countries in West Africa. At present, it is undoubtedly the most important disease of rice in Tanzania. It was first reported in the 1980's. It has spread fast and is now found in almost all the rice growing areas. In view of the increasing incidence and importance of RYMV on rice production in Tanzania, studies on the epidemiology of the disease were initiated in order to find ways of controlling the disease. Transmission studies were carried out on seventy-seven species of beetles and grasshoppers collected from different rice growing locations to determine vector identity. Four vectors have been identified (three chrysomelids; Dactylispa sp., Chaetocnema sp. and Chaetocnema pulla) and one tetrigid grasshopper. The wide distribution of Chaetocnema spp. in the RYMV endemic areas suggests that the species are the most important vectors responsible for infections in these areas.


Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 2001; 33 (5): 395-403