Dose-response relationships in a microneutralization test for foot-and-mouth disease viruses


Two-dimensional quantal microneutralization tests on foot-and-mouth disease viruses, in which neutralizing antibody activity was titrated against a serial range of virus doses, demonstrated a variety of dose-response curves some of which were rectilinear, others clearly curvilinear. Moreover, in the case of the non-linear responses obtained with some antisera, the shape of the curve was such that antibody titres recorded with doses of virus ranging from lCP-lO 5 TCD50 were closely similar. Studies were carried out on the effect of varying the con- ditions of the test on the shape of the dose-response curve: significant differences were obtained after treatment of the antiserum-virus mixtures with anti-species globulin, and when the test was assayed in cells of differing susceptibility to infection.



Microneutralization test, Antiglobulin serum, Foot-mouth disease viruses