Assessment of annual utilization rates of farm tractors in Mbarali district, Tanzania

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Sokoine University of Agriculture


The study was conducted in Mbarali District of Mbeya Region with the objective of assessing the average annual utilization rates of farm tractors for both on-farm and off- farm activities during the cropping season of 2012/13. The study conducted aimed at addressing the following research questions: who are the owners of farm tractors in the study area, what models were in use and what were the available support services that could enhance sustainable utilization of tractors? Questionnaire and a log–book were the instruments used for data collection for this study. A total of one hundred and eleven (111) farm tractors were involved in this study, of which 90 were power tillers [or 2 wheel tractors (2WT)] and 21 were conventional tractors or 4 wheel tractors (4WT)]. Results obtained show that all conventional tractors were privately owned and 94.6% of the power tillers were privately owned with the remaining 5.4% being owned by farmer’s groups. The age of the tractor owners ranged from 31 to 50 years old and all were able to read and write. Siam Kubota and Amec power tillers were the most popular 2WT in the area. The average annual utilization rates of 4WT was 1093 hours and 627 hours 2WT. Results of annual utilization rates of farm tractors in Mbarali District conclude that both conventional tractors and power tillers are optimally utilized. The study has also revealed that there are many dealers of tractors and spare parts in the District. Most repairs of farm tractors were performed by local mechanics in their respective villages; this therefore ensuring the long term sustainability of utilization tractors in the District.


MSc Thesis


farm tractors, tractor utilization, power tillers, Mbarali, Mbeya, agriculture mechanization, farm equipments