The flower industry in Tanzania: production performance and costs

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Asian Network for Scientific Information


A survey was conducted to assess production levels, costs, marketing and policy regulations affecting the flower industry in Tanzania. Results indicated that rose and chrysanthemum were the main ornamental crops produced for export with yield of 908 and 145.6 million flower stems and shoot cuttings per year in 2003, respectively. The surface areas under rose and chrysanthemum cultivation increased by 328.9 and 658.3% and the corresponding production by 316.84 and 666.33% between 1997 and 2003, respectively. Greenhouse construction accounted for 50% while purchase of land and rose planting materials represented 17.7 and 12.3% of the total investment cost, respectively. Interest on loans and freight charges accounted for 19 and 16.0% of the total operational cost, respectively. All chrysanthemum shoot cuttings were directly exported to The Netherlands whereas 90% of total rose flowers were exported to Europe through European middlemen with a marketing commission of 18-30% of sales and 52% of total operational cost. The average selling prices of rose and chrysanthemum were 0.23 and 0.11 US$ per flower stem and shoot tip cutting, respectively. Foreign growers appreciated the provision of tax exemption of five years but considered the National Agricultural Policy of 1997 being too general and not favourable to the flower industry.


Journal of Agronomy, 2006; 5 (3): 478-481


Tanzania flower industry, Production costs, Marketing, Agricultural policy