Evaluation of livestock information network knowledge system (LINKS) based on user satisfaction

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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research


The advancement of technology has brought low cost mobile phones which are affordable to majority of livestock keepers and traders in Kilosa District. The Government of Tanzania has developed livestock market information system which offers markets and market information for different livestock products. The system was established to enhance the bargaining power of livestock keepers to traders and middlemen in livestock markets. Thus the ultimate goal of the developed system was to create a platform to link farmers and lenders, as well as farmers and buyers. Despite the potential of the developed system, few livestock keepers are using it. This study was designed to evaluate the usability of the livestock market information system as well as the causes of its limited use. The Software Usability Measurement Inventory approach for usability was used during system evaluation to gauge user’s satisfaction. The results indicate that development of the livestock market information system was not participatory enough. The majority of respondents indicated that the mapping of information needs was inadequate and therefore, information contents provided by the system do not meet user requirements. The results indicate the need to adopt user centred systems development involving all stakeholders in all phases of software development life cycle. Hence there is a need to improve up to date publication of market information to enable users to get reliable prices via web and mobile phones.



user satisfaction, information system, market, livestock, Mobile phones