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  • Leirs, Herwig; Makundi, Rhodes H.; Davis, Stephen; Lange, Simone; Burda, Hynek; Assogbadjo, A.E.; Codjia, J.T.C.; Sinsin, B.; Ekue, M.R.M.; Mensah, G.A.; Mgode, G.F.; Mhamphi, G.A.; Katakweba, A. W.; Paemelaere, E; Willekens, N.; Leirs, H.; Machang’u, R.S.; Hartskeerl, R.A. (Belg. J. Zool, 2005-12)
    Within the family Bathyergidae, the genus Coetomys (Cryptomys) is the most speciose. However, an unambiguous morphological or morphometrical species diagnosis has not been feasible to date. The middle ear structures ...
  • Mulungu, L. S. (Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited, 2017)
    Rodents cause serious problems to human communities in Africa as a result of their involvement in the spread of diseases (Katakweba et al. 2012) and in the losses of crops through direct consumption (Mulungu et al. 2003; ...
  • Massawe, A. W.; Makundi, R. H.; Zhang, Z.; Mhamphi, G.; Liu, M.; Jun Li, H.; Belmain, S. R. (Journal of Pest Science., 2018)
    Rodent pest management traditionally relies on some form of lethal control. Developing effective fertility control for pest rodent species could be a major breakthrough particularly in the context of managing rodent ...
  • Borremans, B.; Hughes, N. K.; Reijniers, J.; Sluydts, V.; Katakweba, A. A. S.; Mulungu, L. S.; Sabuni, C. A; Makundi, R. H.; Leirs, H. (2013-08-31)
    The availability of resources, their effect on population density and territoriality, and the ways in which these factors are interwoven with mating systems are important determinants of small mammal space use. It ...
  • Mulungu, L. S.; Ngowo, V.; Mdangi, M. E.; Katakweba, A. S.; Tesha, P.; Mrosso, F. P.; Mchomvu, M.; Massawe, A. W.; Monadjem, A.; Kilonzo, B.; Belmain, S. R. (Mammalia, 2016)
    We investigated the recruitment and survival of the multimammate mouse, Mastomys natalensis, within irrigated rice and fallow field habitats at different time periods related to rice crop growth stages. Capture-Mark- Recapture ...

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