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  • Braathen, M; Mdegela, R. H.; Correia, D; Rundberget, T; Myburgh, J; Botha, C; Skaare, J.U; Sandvik, M (2009-01-30)
    Vitellogenin (Vtg) induction in African sharptooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) was assessed in order to develop a method for monitoring estrogenic pollution in African freshwater systems. Clarias gariepinus Vtg (Cg-Vtg) ...
  • Chuma, I. S; Batamuzi, E. K.; Collins, D. A.; Fyumagwa, R. D.; Hallmaier-Wacker, L. K.; Kazwala, R. R.; Keyyu, J. D.; Lejora, I. A.; Lipende, I. F.; Lüert, S.; Paciência, F. M.D.; Piel, A.; Stewart, F. A.; Zinner, D.; Roos, C.; Knau, S. (centers for disease control and prevention., 2018)
    We investigated Treponema pallidum infection in 8 nonhuman primate species (289 animals) in Tanzania during 2015–2017. We used a serologic treponemal test to detect antibodies against the bacterium. Infection was further ...
  • Leung, G .M.; Kazwala, R.R.; Pinto, J. (International Journal of Infectious Diseases., 2016)
    Southern and East African Countries are rich in ecosystems where human, livestock and wildlife populations are in close proximity and serviced by the ecosystems services such as water, land and fauna resources. In the ...
  • Marcotty, T.; Matthys, F.; Godfroid, J.; Rigouts, L.; Ameni, G.; Van Pittius, N. G.; Kazwala, R.; Muma, J.; Van Helden, P.; Walravens, K.; De Klerk, L. M.; Geoghegan, C.; Mbotha, D.; Otte, M.; Amenu, K.; Samra, N. A; Botha, C.; Ekron, M.; Jenkins, A.; Jori, F.; Kriek, N.; McCrindle, C.; Michel, A.; Morar, D.; Roger, F.; Thys, E.; Den Bossche, P. V. (Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology, 2009)
    Late in 2007, veterinary, medical and anthropological professionals from Europe and Africa met in a 2-day workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, to evaluate the burden, surveillance and control of zoonotic tuberculosis ...

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