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Diversity of riparian ground beetles (coleoptera, carabidae) at three altitudes in Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania

Show simple item record Maganira, Justine Daudi Nyundo, B. A. 2021-08-06T05:17:17Z 2021-08-06T05:17:17Z 2015
dc.description Journal article en_US
dc.description.abstract The diversity of riparian ground beetles at three altitudes (Low: 400-1100m a.s.l., Mid: 1100- 1800 m a.s.l., High: 1800-2500 m a.s.l.) in Uluguru Mountains was investigated. The samples of ground beetles were collected by active searching method from nine sites between May and June 2012. A total of 3261 specimens of ground beetles representing 13 subfamilies and 29 species were recorded. Ground beetle abundance, species richness and diversity were analyzed statistically using Diversity and Richness–2.65, PRIMER 6 and SYSTAT Version 10 software. The abundance of ground beetles was low at mid altitude (n = 499) and high at low and high altitudes (n = 1988; n = 774 respectively). There was significant variation in ground beetle abundance among the three altitudes (Kruskal-Wallis H=84.533, p<0.05). The most abundant species, Trechodes babaulti, was abundant at low and high altitudes (n=1534; 47.04% and n=501; 15.36% of the collected beetles respectively). Both species richness and Shannon-Wiener index of diversity (H') of ground beetles varied between low, mid and high altitudes with the highest species richness and diversity found at mid altitude. Pairwise comparison showed a significant difference in diversity of ground beetle species for all three pairs (high/mid, high/low & mid/low) of altitudes (p<0.05). en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Research Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences en_US
dc.subject Altitude en_US
dc.subject Riparian en_US
dc.subject Ground beetles en_US
dc.subject Uluguru Mountains en_US
dc.subject Diversity en_US
dc.title Diversity of riparian ground beetles (coleoptera, carabidae) at three altitudes in Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania en_US
dc.type Article en_US
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