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Emulsifying properties of soy protein isolates obtained by microfiltration

Show simple item record Chove, B. E. Grandison, A. S. Lewis, M. J. 2017-09-05T12:57:50Z 2017-09-05T12:57:50Z 2002
dc.description Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture en_US
dc.description.abstract Soy protein isolate (SPI) fractions were produced using two different pore size micro®ltra- tion membranes. Micro®ltration was carried out on SPI produced by isoelectric precipitation of a crude protein extract. Five fractions were obtained: two retentates and two permeates from the two membranes plus an intermediate fraction obtained as the retentate on the small-pore-size membrane using the permeate from the larger-pore-size membrane. Emulsions stabilised by the retentate fractions exhibited higher values (P < 0.01) of emulsion stability index (ESI) and emulsifying activity index (EAI) than those stabilised with fractions made from the permeates. The intermediate fraction gave intermediate ESI values, while the EAI values were not signi®cantly different from those for SPI and one of the retentates. SDS-PAGE pro®les indicated that the fractions exhibiting high functionality in terms of ESI and EAI were also richer in 7S globulin soy protein subunits en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Society of Chemical Industry en_US
dc.subject Emulsion stability en_US
dc.subject Emulsifying activity en_US
dc.subject Isoelectric focusing en_US
dc.subject Fractionation en_US
dc.subject Membranes en_US
dc.subject Microfiltration en_US
dc.subject Isolate en_US
dc.subject Soy protein en_US
dc.title Emulsifying properties of soy protein isolates obtained by microfiltration en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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