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Pastoral adaptive capacity in the changing climate in Kilosa district

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dc.description.abstract Kilosa District is the district in Morogoro Region that has been affected by climate change for many years. This study assessed the pastoral adaptive capacity in the changing climate in Kilosa District. Both simple random and purposive sampling techniques were used to obtain sample. Qualitative data were collected using key informant interview, Focus group discussions and field observation, while quantitative data were collected using household questionnaire survey. Analysis of qualitative data was done using content analysis technique, while quantitative data were analyzed using Excel SPSS computer software. The result revealed that there is a significant shift of rainfall in the study area which started to manifest in 1972-1974 leading to change of rainfall pattern from bimodal to unimodal. The trend in current decades has been consistent with climate change scenarios, with lower rainfall and more frequent, and severe droughts most pastoralists were aware of climate change impacts and how to overcome the problems. The results show that climate change lead to water scarcity, disease to livestock and increased distance to the grazing land Pastoralists have started adapting to climate change by migrating, diversifying to other economic activities such as crop farming and business. Some were reducing the number of livestock as well as using improved breeds. Various institution played important roles in ensuring the sustainability of natural resources, such as setting a grazing land (Olailili as named in Maasai language) to be used during dry season. Some construct charco dams “lambo” for water harvesting. This study recommends that the community should diversify to other economic activities so that they can earn income rather than relying on livestock while climatic condition is not favorable and the government of Tanzania should put more effort on training and advocating pastoral to use high breed animal to avoid overgrazing also regular review of policies. en_US
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dc.publisher Sokoine University of Agriculture en_US
dc.subject Adaptive capacity en_US
dc.subject Climate in Kilosa en_US
dc.subject Climate change en_US
dc.subject Grazing land en_US
dc.subject Pastoralists en_US
dc.subject Kilosa district en_US
dc.title Pastoral adaptive capacity in the changing climate in Kilosa district en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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