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  • Sambu, R. M; Mathew, C; Nonga, H. E; Lukambagire, A. S; Yapi, R. B; Akoko, J; Fokou, G; Keyyu, J. D; Bonfoh, B; Kazwala, R. R (Springer, 2021)
    Background: Brucellosis is a bacterial zoonosis of public health and economic importance worldwide. It affects a number of domestic animals, wild animals and humans. Human brucellosis originates from either livestock ...
  • Akoko, JM; Pelle, R; Lukambagire, AS; Machuka, EM; Nthiw, D; Mathew, C; Fèvre, EM; Bett, B; Cook, EAJ; Othero, D; Bonfoh, B; Kazwala, R; Shirima, G; Schelling, E; Halliday, JEB; Ouma, C (Nature scientific Report, 2021)
    Brucellosis, caused by several species of the genus Brucella, is a zoonotic disease that affects humans and animal species worldwide. Information on the Brucella species circulating in different hosts in Kenya is largely ...
  • Akoko, J; Pelle, R; Kivali, V; Schelling, E; Shirima, G; Mathew, C; Kyallo, V; Bonfoh, B; Kazwala, R; Ouma, C; Machuka, E. M.; Fèvre, E. M.; Falzon, L. C.; Lukambagire, A. S.; Halliday, J. E. B. (BMC Veterinary Research, 2020)
    Background: Brucellosis is an emerging yet neglected zoonosis that has been reported in Kenya. Epidemiological data on brucellosis in ruminants is readily accessible; however, reports on brucellosis in pigs remain limited. ...
  • Traore, S; Coulibaly, K; Mathew, C; Fokou, G; Bonfoh, B; Yapi, R. B.; Kazwala, R. R.; Alambedji, R. B. (PLoSONE, 2021)
    Mali has a high pastoral potential with diverse coexisting production systems ranging from traditional (nomadic, transhumant, sedentary) to commercial (fattening and dairy production) production systems. Each of those ...

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